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ANCCP Certification Agency

ANCCP Certification Agency S.r.l. is a Company for the Certification of Management Systems and Industrial Products, founded over 20 years ago.

The company management's in-depth experience in the fields of manufacturing, industrial, production and business services has guaranteed the sound development of our activities and effective conservation of skills over the years.

The contribution of contracted, accredited laboratory facilities has helped ensure the validity of the results of inspections and audits.


"Product" certification

ANCCP Certification Agency is recognised at a European level (EC notification No. 0302) for the conformity assessment of products and control of production processes.In areas where recent European legislation has made it mandatory, it also has Italian accreditation from the Italian institution, Accredia (certificate No. 149B).For details see the list of authorisations. .

For certification of pressure equipment (fixed and transportable) and for equipment used in explosive atmospheres, ANCCP Certification Agency operates through C.E.C.- European Certification Committee (notification No. 1131 ) of which it is a founding member.


ANCCP Certification Agency operates in all areas of assessment of compliance with corporate organisational systems such as quality, environment, safety at work, food security, social responsibility, energy efficiency, etc. For quality management systems it is accredited by the Italian institution, Accredia (certificate No. 036A).For details see the list of authorisations. .


Inspection activities are carried out by the ANCCP Certification Agency with national ministerial permits for checks on plants and facilities already installed and undergoing regular safety checks, such as: electrical grounding systems, lifts and hoists, recreational craft, and pressure equipment.For details see the list of authorisations. .


ANCCP Certification Agency carries out tests, testing and verifiying compliance with technical standards of construction and installation of industrial products that do not require certification issued by a "third party" like a Certification Institute.


ANCCP Certification Agency provides training in all areas in which it carries out inspection and certification activities: training for "certification professionals" or for in-depth technical study on legislation.

The training courses in the field of Quality Management, Environment, and Work Safety Systems are recognised and accredited by SICEV (Registration No.s 13/04, 17/05, 31/09, 32/09).For details see the  training section. .

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