What the service includes

The service consists of certification of recreational craft in accordance with Directive 2013/53/EU, according to the different procedures that it sets forth, for the CE marking of the product, required for trading recreational craft in the European Community, whether they are new, modified or repaired, as long as the manufacturer can be identified.

The procedures for assessing conformity to the requirements of the Directive varies depending on the characteristics of the product, mainly on the type of design category, and are reflected in the different procedural Modules such as, for example, the CE Type examination (Module B), the the unit verification (Module G) or full quality assurance (Module H).

Who the service is intended for

Directive 2013/53/EU applies to recreational craft intended for navigation in maritime and inland waters and not for profit sports and recreational purposes; it also applies to pleasure craft used for commercial purposes such as leasing, hiring and training for pleasure craft navigation and support for diving.

With regards the design and construction, the provisions apply to:

  • craft, even partially completed, from 2.5m to 24m long;
  • personal watercraft;
  • components (fire prevention, rudders, tanks, hatches, portholes).

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