The Technical Regulations for Construction (Ministerial Decree14/01/2008) call for industrialised process systems for concrete production to be equipped with a Factory Production Control System (FPC).

The control must be certified by an independent third party authorised by the Central Technical Service of the High Council of Public Works.

The FPC certification is mandatory for each industrialised process production plant of ready-mixed concrete.

Concrete produced by industrialised process "is intended as that produced by plants, structures and techniques organised both on site and in a plant external to the work site itself".

The following fall under this category:

  • concrete produced in fixed plants
  • concrete produced in industrialised plants and factories for prefabrication (fixed)
  • concrete produced in industrialised plants installed in work sites (temporary).

Concrete produced without industrialised process, i.e. that produced directly on site, usually in limited quantities through temporary production processes and not industrialised processes are not subject to control of the production process at the factory by independent third parties.

This type of concrete must be produced under the direct supervision of the works manager who must ensure the initial qualification of the mixtures, or rather their characteristic strength, for each homogeneous mixture of conglomerate.

Control of the possession of the FPC certification is carried out by the works manager who is responsible for:

  • obtaining, before the delivery, a copy of the FPC certification
  • verifying that the documents that accompany each supply in the work site report the details of the FPC certification
  • refusing any non-compliant supplies.


    What is it?It is a permanent system of internal control of production undertaken by the manufacturer and systematically documented in order to ensure a common understanding of quality assurance and allow the required characteristics for a product to be obtained

    Is it a mandatory certification?Yes, it is a mandatory certification for all industrialised process ready-mixed concrete plants (according to Ministerial Decree14/01/2008).

    What are the reference standards for the implementation of the system?"Guidelines on Use of Ready Mixed Concrete" published by the Central Technical Service of the High Council of Public Works.

    Who certifies the plant? A independent third party Body authorised by the Central Technical Service of the High Council of Public Works.

    What is the object of the certification?The FPC System of the individual production facility.

    Which structure does the certification refer to?To the single industrialised production plant.

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