What the service includes

Environmental management system
Ecological criteria

Through certification of the environmental management system, ANCCP verifies compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001.Such action must be performed by a Body that is "independent" from the company being evaluated.

Certification of environmental management systems gives the company a higher "competitive" value on the market, boasting compliance with standard criteria of "environmental friendliness" that are internationally recognised (such as those defined in the ISO 14001 standard), compared to direct competitors without certification.

Who the service is intended for

Businesses in all industrialised and developing countries are adopting the Environmental Management System to manage problems and opportunities related to the environment more efficiently and systematically.The integration of environmental management in the overall management of a company is fundamental, considering the environment is one of the more important aspects that impacts businesses.

The Environmental Management System assumes a central role in their organisation as a means to transform environmental constraints into business opportunities, reduce costs, save resources, and to address market competition systematically.

  • being qualified to participate in tenders or contracts;
  • giving credibility outside of its management system;
  • eliminating or minimising risk to employees or other stakeholders that are potentially exposed to health and/or safety risks at the workplace;
  • having a continuous incentive to improve.

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