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Our service involves certification for gas-powered appliances (ovens, hobs, etc.) and components (gas pressure regulators, flame controllers, etc.) that are new or newly-introduced into Europe, and inspection of companies that manufacture the above appliances.

These devices used for cooking, heating, hot water, refrigeration, lighting and washing; consume fuel in the form of gas and potentially have a normal water temperature not exceeding 105°C. Any fuel that is in a gaseous state at a temperature of 15°C and at a pressure of 1 bar is intended as a gas.

Intended recipients

The service is aimed at manufacturers (producers) and representatives (dealers/importers) of gas appliances and components that are subject to the requirements of the Gas Appliances Directive (2009/142/EC).The devices are required to undergo a test known as the Type Test.Once the Type certificate has been obtained, the manufacturer may produce the certified product "in series".This production is subject to controls: the procedures may be different, and range from simple sample testing of production, to control of the manufacturing process, to verification of the entire quality system.

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