the service

It is an inspection service aimed at the release of the "eligibility certificate for the rental" of recreational craft (boats and watercraft) employed in activities for rental needing renewal, validation or release of the "certificate of eligibility to hire".

The recreational craft involved in rental activities, carrying up to 12 passengers excluding crew, shall be subject to initial, periodic and occasional visits.

The initial visits for the release of the "certificate eligibility for rental" are performed prior to use in rental activities.

The periodic visits for renewal of "the certificate of rental eligibility" are performed every 3 years.

The occasional visits for validation are performed as a result of damage, extraordinary event or in the case of innovations or changes performed on the boat itself.


The following recreational craft intended for navigation in inland waters and assigned for rental:

  • Recreational craft (10m to 24 m in length);
  • Watercraft (from 2.5m to 70m in length).
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