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Standard ISO 22000 "Food safety management systems- Requirements" is a voluntary standard for the certification of food safety management systems.

The main objectives of this new standard are:

  • to harmonise the different specific standards concerning food safety;
  • to provide a tool for developing the HACCP method in the entire production system of the food sector.

The standard is aimed at all those involved in the food chain: farms, feed mills, livestock businesses, food companies, supermarkets, retailers and wholesale traders, transportation companies, packaging and food machinery producers, suppliers of products for cleaning and sanitising, and service providers.


  • communication between the concerned company and the different aspects involved upstream and downstream of the supply chain;
  • corporate management system;
  • process control;
  • the HACCP system, applied in accordance with the Codex Alimentarius document, with particular attention paid to the analysis of the dangers that become the guide for the company's food safety policy;
  • management of hazards for hygienic safety by means of operational control measures.


  • clear and concrete objective of the management model: food safety and not quality in the broadest sense
  • full compatibility and integration with standard ISO 9001 and other similar management models (ISO 14001 etc.);
  • integration of HACCP and Codex Alimentarius principles within the management model;
  • satisfaction of all parties concerned: authorities responsible for monitoring the legal, consumer, commercial intermediaries and other food companies requirements.
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