The course aims to provide the tools and knowledge and basic training for performing audits aimed at issuing/renewal/validation of safety certificates for recreational craft: safety notes in accordance with Ministerial Decree29 July 2008 No. 146.Starting from the aforementioned decree, and the applicable technical standards, the course finishes with guidance on the practical execution of the periodic checks.

The course is a prerequisite to the ANCCP inspector qualification for audits of recreational craft.There will also be a simulation and a demonstration on displaced boats at shipyards.At the end of the course the student will receive a certificate of attendance.

Who the service is intended for

  • Those working in the marine industry and interested in acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of safety and technical and administrative issues relating to the suitability of a Recreational Craft.


The course is constructed around theoretical lectures and practical role-playing exercises inspector qualifications, including:

  • Illustration of naval terminology
  • Strategic and functional objectives of the service based on Ministerial mandate
  • Regulatory framework: roles, responsibilities, accountability
  • Operational methods and types of inspections
  • Documents and certifications - non-conformity and non-conformity management
  • Check List and "card type": types and operating procedures for their compilation
  • Equipment and work and technical investigation tools
  • Inspection procedures and STANDARD control
  • Inspection procedures and SPECIAL control
  • Complete presentation of a STANDARD and SPECIAL type evaluation
  • Exercises and tests of learning and inspection skills
  • The ANCCP procedures for the issue of the certificate of suitability, renewal and validation of the safety certificate
  • Ministerial Decree5 October 1999, No. 478 modified with Ministerial Decree146/2008
  • Ministerial Decree21 January 1994, No. 232 modified with Ministerial Decree146/2008
  • Ministerial Decree29 July 2008 No. 146
  • Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Circular 11 March 2009
  • Inspections of vessels at a Naval Shipyard


    Those wishing to carry out Inspector activities must possess one of the following requirements:

    • Naval Engineering Degree
    • University degree in naval design or construction
    • University or direct school diploma aimed at studying the design of recreational craft
    • High school diploma obtained at a Nautical Institute, deck and engineer section (with at least 5 years of navigation and STCW qualifications)
    • High school diploma obtained from a Nautical Institute, shipbuilders section (with at least 5 years professional training at the shipyard)

      Recommended reading

      • Il codice della nautica da diporto – Collegamento organico al D.Lgs 171/2005” by M. Grimaldi from 01/2005
      • Progettare e costruire imbarcazioni da diporto by Riardi / Ratti from 01/2003
      • Ministerial Decree29/07/2008 - No. 146
      • Vademecum del Diportista – Casa Editrice Plan (
      • Lavori a Bordo – Casa Editrice Nutrimenti – by Davide Zerbinati
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