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Certifications of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with European Directive 1989/686/EEC, are finalised by the affixing of the CE marking by the manufacturer to the final product in order to allow its trade throughout the Community.

The conformity assessment procedures of the Directive vary depending on the type of PPE:

  • for devices intended to protect against risks that can lead to minor harmful effects, the conformity declaration of the manufacturer is sufficient
  • for devices that protect against risks that are not minor nor life-threatening, CE certification is required by a Notified Body
  • for devices intended to protect from risks of death or serious injury of a permanent nature, in addition to CE Type certification, periodic sampling control of production is requested (Art. 11A), or approval of the production quality system (Art. 11 B), always with the intervention of a Notified Body

The certification process involves carrying out laboratory tests with which to verify compliance with the essential safety requirements for a wide range of products and materials.

It is also possible for companies that conduct business in "maintenance" of PPE (Industrial laundries) to obtain certification, on a voluntary basis, of its verification of the conformity of PPE systems submitted to maintenance processes (repeated washing).


The service is intended for manufacturers of PPE (or their authorised representatives established within the Community), materials and components, for institutional users of PPE (Public Administrations) and companies that perform PPE maintenance activities.

The ANCCP Certification Agency is a Notified Body (EC No. 0302) that has operated in the field of PPE certification for over 15 years and is accredited by Accredia and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, to operate in accordance with Directive 1989/686/EEC, for the following categories of products:

  • Eye protection devices (excluding sunglasses, ski goggles and motorcyclist visors)
  • Lower limbs protective equipment (except footwear)
  • Upper limbs protective equipment
  • Body protective equipment (excluding thermal diving protective aids)
  • Protective equipment against falls from height
  • Protective equipment against radioactive contamination


    In the area of Personal Protective Equipment, ANCCP Certification Agency offers the following services:

    • EC Type Certification
    • Production surveillance (art. 11A)
    • Approval of the production quality system (art. 11 B)
    • Certification of PPE washing process (EN 471)

    For information and quotation requests please contact ANCCP CA at telephone number +39 or email

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