What the service includes

The service consists of Certification of simple vessels (a shell and two bottoms) that are welded, manufactured in series and intended to contain, exclusively, air or nitrogen at a pressure above 0.5 bar but not exceeding 30 bar, and with a temperature no lower than -50°C and no higher than 300°C. In addition, the product of the pressure in bar x the capacity in litres must not be greater than 10,000.

Who the service is intended for

The service is aimed at the manufacturer of transportable pressure equipment (or its authorised representative in the Community), as well as at the owners of the same (bottles, barrels, tanks, etc.) that must undergo, on their own capacity or using suitably equipped centres, periodic requalification controls.

It is possible, for equipment inadequate of the ADR, to also proceed by subjecting them to "re-evaluation".

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