Social responsibility

What the service includes

Social responsibility

Through the certification of corporate social responsibility management systems, ANCCP verifies a business organisation's compliance to the requirements of standard SA 8000 "Social Accountability Management Systems".

Such verification must be performed by a body that is a "third party" and "independent" from the company being evaluated, which is also aware of the "social" legislation applicable to the activities of the commodity sector company.

This certification gives the company a higher "competitive" value on the market, boasting compliance with standardised and recognised criteria of "ethics" and "attention to social problems" compared to non-certified competitors, ensuring the company's reliability to third parties.

Who the service is intended for

Certification of social responsibility management systems can be obtained by companies operating in any sector.Companies that obtain certification are interested in:

  • easier management of the "ethical and social responsibility" aspects related to the activities carried out;
  • having more guarantees of their activities' compliance with regulations;
  • being qualified to participate in any kind of tender or contract;
  • giving credibility to its social responsibility management system;
  • ensuring third parties the ''ethical and social" responsibility of their organisational system.

The certification is a continuous incentive for improving corporate structure.

The Legislation

In addition to the SA 8000 standard, to achieve Management System certification, companies must take into account and comply with certain international resolutions that are formalised in documents issued by the ILO (International Labour Organisation) that is headed by the UN (United Nations).

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