System Certification

System Certification

A corporate management system is the way in which a company organises its internal structure, establishes tools and processes to control its overall operations, and defines its approach to continuous improvement by introducing policies and procedures with quantifiable objectives - a method of assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of company processes, identifying areas for improvement and suggesting appropriate remedial action.

Management systems have evolved over a period of around 20 years. The first element to come under consideration was the “quality” of the system, interpreted as the company’s level of success in satisfying customer requirements, and then extended include environmental standards, safety in the workplace etc., but always with the fundamental objective of meeting the expectations of various stakeholders.

Application of these principles to new operational areas prompted the introduction of certification for industry management systems, which broadened the range of sectors that certification bodies needed to address.

The ANCCP Certification Agency responds to the requirements of companies by providing certification for management systems, including integrated systems, within the following categories:

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