Directive 2010/35/EU on transportable pressure equipment, which replaced the previous Directive 1999/36/EC, establishes the rules and procedures to be followed for the certification of transportable pressure equipment.

This equipment must bear a special mark, indicated by the symbol π, required for trading and marketing within the European Union.

Transportable pressure equipment are vessels of various types and forms, intended for the transport of gas that is compressed, liquefied or in solution that have 3 features: Pressure, Danger and Portability.

The testing and certification process of these products calls for inspections by the Notified Body (ANCCP) and manufacturer obligations.

The ANCCP Certification Agency operates as the Notified Body through participation in the CEC (European Consortium Certification notification No. 11131) and can thus carry out Compliance Audit activities under the T-PED Directive 2010/35/EU for:

  • approval and authorisation of the placing on the market of new transportable pressure equipment;
  • reassessment of conformity of existing transportable pressure equipment on the market which do not bear the mark of conformity, but can be re-evaluated under T-PED;
  • conducting periodic inspections to verify the maintenance of the security requirements necessary for the re-use of transportable pressure equipment.

Thanks to these verification activities carried out by ANCCP Certification Agency, the Manufacturer certifies that the product meets the essential requirements of applicable directives and can market it within the European Union.

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