The service consists of an assessment after a watercraft's (ships, boats and personal watercraft) construction (PCA - Post Construction Assessment), provided for in Article 8 of Directive 94/25/EC.It applies where a natural or legal person (other than the manufacturer or authorised representative) placing a product on the market or putting it into service, assumes responsibility for the conformity of the product.That person must provide the notified body in charge of the certification all the technical data and documents available to allow assessment of conformity with the requirements of the Directive.

After receiving the declaration, the applicant may affix a label indicating:

  • the CE marking;
  • the CIN (Craft Identification Number).


    The certification applies to recreational craft intended for navigation in maritime and inland waters and not for profit sports and recreational purposes; it also applies to pleasure craft used for commercial purposes such as leasing, hiring and training for pleasure craft navigation and support for diving.

    It applies to:

    • self-built craft for placement on the market within 5 years from initial commissioning;
    • used craft from outside the European Community and placed on the Community market as second hand craft after 16/06/1998;
    • modified craft (essential technical changes) having re-commenced service;
    • craft from other registries (weight, traffic, personal use, etc.).
    • special or experimental craft put on the market as recreational craft;
    • newly built craft imported from outside the European Community and without the CE marking, entered for the first time into the Community market or into service.

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