Work Equipment

The regulations concerning the safety of Work Equipment , establish an Employer and/or User obligation to comply with the requirements of Article 71 of Legislative Decree No. 81 of 09.04.2008 and amendments, relative to Periodic Verification of Work Equipment (listed in Annex VII of said Decree).These checks, aimed at assessing the actual state of conservation and efficiency for safety purposes, shall be carried out in the intervals indicated in the said Annex.



After this period, as provided for in Annex VII of Legislative Decree81/08 and as amended, for each unit of Equipment, GVR, SC and SP, Periodic Verifications must be performed.

For the First of these Verifications, the Employer must submit an application to INAIL, who has 45 days to perform the verification; if the verification is not performed in that period, the employer can use a private entity (Accredited Body), of its choice, among those authorised for the purpose by the Competent Ministries (Labour, Health and Economic Development), as set forth by Ministerial Decree11.4.2011.

For subsequent Periodical Verifications, the Employer, as established by Law No.98 of 09/08/2013, may use an Accredited Body, without having to involve the Public Authority (ASL, ARPA, etc.), by directly requesting the Verification from the chosen Body, as defined by Ministerial Decree11.4.2011.

SP Group

  • Aerial ladders with variable inclination;
  • Power driven extending scaffolding on trucks;
  • Manually powered extending scaffolding on trucks;
  • Suspension bridges and related winches;
  • Mast climbing work platforms;
  • Lifts and hoists for construction sites.

What the service includes

Legislative Decree 81/2008 "Consolidated Safety Act", with its provisions, complete the regulation regarding the scope of application and inspection methods on "work equipment" including lifting equipment and equipment under pressure.
    The provisions of Article 71 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 define the employer's obligations for mandatory periodic verification of such equipment, provisions for associated inspection requirements and the role of authorised public and private entities.
    In particular, it calls for the employer, at the time of the verification request to the public functions responsible for said request (Inail-former Ispesl and ASL/Arpa), to indicate the Private Body that will intervene where public bodies are not able to provide directly.
    Also, if the employer does not receive any response within a time period of 60 days from the date of the request for the first periodic review and 30 days for subsequent periodic checks, it can apply directly to a private authorised Organisation of its choice.
    The ANCCP Certification Agency, opeates in this field and offers customers the verification service in application of Ministerial Decree 11 April 2011 through the European Certification Consortium - CEC , of which it is a founding member. The CEC has obtained, with the Interministerial Decree of 19/09/2012, recognition as a private Authorised Body to perform these periodic checks, using qualified personnel present throughout the territory.

    gruppo gvr

    a))Attrezzature a Pressione

    • Recipienti contenenti fluidi con pressione maggiore di 0,5bar;
    • Generatori di vapor d’acqua
    • Generatori di acqua surriscaldata
    • Tubazioni contenenti gas, vapori e liquidi
    • Generatori di calore alimentati da combustibile solido, liquido o gassoso con temperatura dell’acqua non superiore alla temperatura di ebollizione alla pressione atmosferica, aventi potenzialità globale dei focolai superiori a 116kW;
    • Forni per le industrie chimiche ed affini
    • b) Insiemi
    • Assemblaggio di Attrezzature da parte di un costruttore certificati CE come insimei secondo il D.Lgs. 93/2000
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